Virginia & Destination Wedding Photographer: Growing Up!

When I was a child I wanted many things, as we all did as children. One thing I really wanted and every nineties kid may probably relate to is Pokemon games. I wanted Pokemon games really bad. I would bug my Mom everyday after school to take me to the nearest game store. It was basically something that made my mind, heart, and soul happy. That feeling continued for many other things in my life the older I got. 

Now in my adult age I no longer want Pokemon games, but that same want consumes me everyday. Only this time it's for Wedding Photography! I love taking pictures of happy couples and being able to document their special day. Something about knowing that pictures I take are going to eventually be shown to a brides Grandchildren is a phenomenal feeling. I constantly think about weddings and the many ways I may relate to a bride, although I've never been married. What I do understand is the feeling of being in love the same way I was in love with Pokemon at the tender age of 8, now that love is in the form of photographing the biggest day in a couples life and knowing I was apart of it. :) 

Here's a photo of my cool little sister and I with my Game Boy! 

Happy Wednesday!