Virginia & Destination Wedding Photographer: Are Digital Pictures Killing Our Memories?

It's 2014 and in this day and age everyone takes pictures with their phones, digital cameras, and Instagram. Looking through a couple of family albums today I thought to myself what will our albums look like 20 years from now? Sad to say I don't think we'll have any. 

A lot of individuals live for the moment. Years ago my Mother and Father had a Polaroid camera and they took it everywhere they went. I understand the hassle of getting photos developed at pharmacy, when you can just upload a picture to Facebook. I also understand that nothing beats a tangible product. Which is why I urge all of my clients to purchase an album. An album is something that your Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren can hold and look at for years to come. 

Just a few years ago we we're uploading photos to Myspace...Myspace! I logged into my old Myspace account the other day and all of my teenage memories we're basically gone! It really made me sad that all of my memories we're gone. What would you do if your Facebook pictures disappeared or all of the pictures in your phone got deleted? Today I want everyone to think about picking up an old Polaroid camera and taking pictures 1997 style :) Make an album and have memories to share forever! 


Here's a Polaroid taken of me in 1997...Happy Monday!