Virginia & Destination Wedding Photographer: The First Look, It's Not Bad Luck

Weddings are a beautiful! Family and friends come together to see a couple profess their love for one another in a very public manner. I love everything about weddings, the moments, the details, the Love. I talk to numerous couples during consultations and I ask them would they be interested in doing a first look? Normally they smile and say absolutely! Sometimes there's a little reprehension from the bride to be because she has been told her whole life that it's "bad luck" to see the groom before the ceremony. There's actually a funny story as to how that superstition came to be.

Way back when marriages were arranged by family members, the newly weds were rarely allowed to see one another before the ceremony. The families were afraid that if the groom saw the bride's face he might refuse to marry her. 

That's not  the case in today's society, because no one is forced to marry anyone they don't want to marry. Therefore it is okay to see your future husband before the ceremony. I know that some brides might want to see his reaction walking down the aisle, but in most cases it's the same reaction as if he we're to see you before the ceremony. 

I've heard some brides say that the fifteen minutes she shares with her Husband before the ceremony relaxes her and removes any nervous energy she might have had previously. There are also grooms who cry because of the private moment shared between the two. 

So it's okay to do a First Look, it's not bad luck, you won't get a divorce, and your Husband isn't going to run when he sees you :) 


Here's a cool detail shot from a recent wedding. 

Here's a cool detail shot from a recent wedding.