Virginia & Destination Wedding Photographer: Will Hawkins Photography Logo

    April was a good month for me. Besides shooting my first wedding of the season . Ivelisse+Jonathan, I also had the opportunity to start something of a re-branding process. Thanks to my friend Marcus over at Intellect Media, who's going through a secret re-branding process of his own. I sat down with graphic designer Will Freeman of Pro Look Media to start the long process of my re-branding. The first thing I wanted to start with was a new logo, I loved my last logo but in order to get to where I want to be it was time to move on. After numerous meetings, brainstorming, advice from friends, and Will's talent we finally came up with something that I immediately fell in love with. 

The Logo itself represents my family's name Hawkins and that's important to me. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs I'd like to keep the name Hawkins going. When Will revealed the logo to me and I saw the "H" with a Hawk on the side I knew I had something special that myself and my family would be proud of. It's really a beautiful logo and speaks volumes about what I want my business to reflect Elegance, Prestige, and Fashion. So today i'm proud to introduce my new logo and the start of my re-branding process. 

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