Virginia & Destination Wedding Photographer: Happy Mother's Day! I Love You Ma!

As a man in my early twenties I've become less and less dependent on my parents, even though that's the way it should be. Sometimes though I still go to my parents for advice and if I need something, especially my Mother. I still let my Mother do things for me from time to time like cook, when I buy food and have no clue how to cook it...let's just say baked chicken and I have yet to become best friends.

My Mother has been there for me my entire life through many ups and downs. She tells me this story about when I was a toddler coming home looking for her on the nights when my Father and I would get back from getting our haircut. I would walk through the house looking for her saying "Mommy! Where are youuuu?" Sometimes she just wasn't home and other times she would just hide from me to hear me say that. That attachment to my Mother has never left me. She's been there for me when a lot of people never understood me and I love her so much for that. 

Now as an adult I owe her everything I have. She's supported me following my dreams of becoming a photographer and supported me so much more when I decided to have a career as a Wedding Photographer. For that and all the cold winter nights spent in Kings Daughters due to my Asthma I'm so grateful for my Mom. She's shown me how to be sensitive to others, respectful, and caring, all of the things that she is. I can't thank her enough for being my Mother and Friend throughout the years. So here's to you Michelle Hawkins and all of the other great Mother's today! Happy Mother's Day Mommy I love you!