Virginia & Destination Wedding Photographer: The 28mm Jewel And Receptions

Not to long ago I purchased a new lens, I decided to buy this lens for a number of reasons. The first being how light-weight it was, the second being how affordable it was. The Nikon 28mm lens is a jewel lens to me when it comes to wedding receptions. All Wedding Photographers know that holding a 24-70 or 70-200 lens can get really heavy, especially after holding those lenses leading up to the reception. 

The 28mm Lens is a wide angle lens and with a f.stop of 2.8 it's pretty wide. In my eyes it's perfect for receptions. I can walk around a dance floor filled with guest with no problems, it also allows me to shoot at a wide angle giving me the perfect view of the party and celebration that is happening at my clients reception. 

With a $268.00 price tag it's one of the cheaper lenses Nikon has to offer, but the quality you get with this lens is incredible. I love being able to walk around a dance floor without heavy gear for the 2-4 hours I'm at a reception. Like I said this is a Jewel lens! 

Will Hawkins Photography