The First Dance

Unlike many other styles of photography wedding photography is very different. In my eyes wedding photography is the hardest genre of photography and anyone who calls themselves a photographer should photograph a wedding and see if they still feel the same about photography. I believe this because, unlike other genres of photography with a wedding there are no do overs if you underexpose, lag your shutter, or miss a shot thats that, there is nothing that can be done about it. 

The First Dance is a perfect example of this. Just like any other part of the wedding day you have no control over this. This moment is all about the couple, all eyes on them and you circling the dancefloor like a shark looking for the perfect moment. I've learned over the past few years there are a myriad of ways to approach this segment of the day. 

Heres my approach and setup. While photographing the details I set up a speedlight diffused with a Lumiquest Mini Softbox on a lightstand connected to a radio reciever. On my camera I have the trigger for the off camera light and another speedlight. If there is uplighting, which I love and think everyone should have my shutter is usually under a 80th of a second to capture the ambient light. 

During the First Dance I pretty much stay in one spot and wait for the right time to capture the PERFECT moment between the couple. I let my off camera flash light the couple from the corner while I stand at another corner giving me the perfect dimension of light. 

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